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Academic Technology News

The wait is over! Turnitin’s AI Writing Detection Tool is set to launch on 4/4/2023. Here’s what we know so far:

  • Assignments with Turnitin enabled (either by Framework or External Tool) will be able to see this Tool on 4/4/2023.
  • The Feedback Studio/Similarity Report will be expanded to display the Similarity score as well as the new AI Indicator score. They are distinct scores and appear in different locations. (see the screenshot below)
  • Only assignments submitted after 4/4/2023 will see the AI Indicator score and associated information.
  • The AI Indicator information is not available to students at this time. Only instructors can see it.
  • Minimal disruption on faculty workflow.
    • No change to how faculty create their Turnitin enabled assignments.
    • No change to how students submit their assignments.
    • No change to how the Similarity Score is currently being presented in Canvas.

Visit the Academic Technology website for more information and latest update on this tool.