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Course Development Support

Hybrid and Online Course Policy

In accordance with the Hybrid and Online Course Policy (the Policy), Academic Technology provides content development support for instructors at Siena College (all faculty, as well as administrators or staff members who teach courses) who wish to offer courses in online or hybrid format.

Academic Technology Provides:

  • Project Management Support: we make sure the project is completed according to schedule.
  • Instructional Design Consultation, including but not limited to:
    • Outcomes Alignment
    • Backward Course Design
    • Bloom’s Taxonomy
    • Universal Design for Learning
    • Active Learning
    • DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion)
    • Student Engagement
  • Learning Experience Design Consultation, including but not limited to:
    • Content organization
    • Spice up the “look-and-feel”
    • Reduce cognitive overload
    • Streamline course navigation experiences
    • Web Accessibility
  • Instructional Technology Training and Consultation on Best Practices (Flip, Digication, etc.)
  • Canvas Technical Training and Assistance (Publisher materials, LTI integration, optimization of Canvas settings)
  • Most importantly, Academic Technology will conduct the Technical Review to ensure the course content meets institutional quality standards.

Technical Review

Conducted at the end of the course content development by a member of Academic Technology team, Technical Review is a collaborative and iterative dialog process until all standards are determined “evident”. The standards in the Technical Review Form are based on:

  • Industry-leading quality standards for online course design
  • Institutional standards (e.g. Syllabus)
  • Compliance standards (e.g., fair use & copyright, ADA compliance)
  • Best practices and optimal course/assignment settings
  • RSI (Regular and Substantive Interactions)

Technical review usually takes no more than 3 weeks to complete.

Course Development Timeline


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