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Using Turnitin outside of Canvas

Since Turnitin is integrated with Canvas, the easiest way to use it is to create a Turnitin-enabled assignment in Canvas. This allows students to seamlessly submit their works to Canvas, review the similarity reports and make modifications accordingly. It also allows the instructor to review the reports via the Feedback Studio interface.

However, in some cases, instructors may want to use Turnitin in an non-integrated way: to assess if the discussion posts or exam answers consist of original ideas, and credits are properly attributed, for instance. The instructions below show you how instructors may utilize the “Quick Submit” feature available on to generate the Turnitin report.

  • Log in to

Note: Since Siena does not enable “Sign in with Google” option on, the password you use to log in to your Siena account will not work in You will need to create a local password. You may skip this step only if you have set up your local password before.

First time user, create a local password at

Go to, select “Log In” at the upper right corner.

Turnitin homepage, with Sign-in button at the upper right corner circled

On the next screen, select “Forgotten your password” to initiate a password reset process. DO NOT select “Sign in with Google”. Follow the instructions on resetting the password will allow you to create a local password for (It is highly recommended that this password should be different from your main Siena password.)

Turnitin log in screen, with Sign in with Google crossed out
Turnitin log in page

After resetting/creating a new password, go back to the Turnitin Login page, and enter your siena email in full, and the password you’d just created. Again, DO NOT use “Sign in with Google”.

Activate the Quick Submit functionality

The quick submit feature allows instructors to submit papers and receive Similarity Reports without creating a class or an assignment. This is ideal for instructors who would like to use Turnitin to spot check submissions and have these papers in electronic format.

Follow the instructions to activate the Quick Submit. You only need to do this once.

  • Select the “Quick Submit” tab. Quick Submit tab Quick Submit tab
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to customize the search settings. Quick Submit settings Quick Submit settings
  • Manually enter the information related to the document you are about to upload. The information allows you to identify the report later on. It does not affect the Similarity Report. Select the document to complete the upload process. Quick Submit file information Quick Submit file information
  • Review the Similarity Report in Feedback Studio.