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Course Evaluations


This page contains resources related to SmartEvals, the online course evaluation platform licensed by Siena College. The resources available from this page will be updated as necessary.  If you have any questions or require assistance with SmartEvals, please contact us at or for assistance.

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  1. A letter is sent out about two weeks before the start of the evaluations, indicating that the faculty member can add their own questions. They can add questions up until the end of the evaluations, though if students fill them out before the change, they won’t answer the new ones.
  2. The faculty will receive a second notification when the course evaluations begin. For full-term courses, this is two weeks before Reading Day.  Terms that are short have the evaluations begin five days before their ending date, which is midnight on the day before the last day of class.
  3. A reminder is sent out every 1-2 days to faculty and students. Faculty see what their response rates are for their courses.
  4. The evaluations end at midnight on Reading Day.
  5. After exams, and when all grades are in, the results are released. An email is sent with each faculty member’s results. 
  6. Faculty can also see released results, as well as results for previous years, by going to and logging in with their Siena username and password.