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Quality Indicators for Online Courses [Infographic]

online course quality indicators

Design is the most influential measure of instructional characteristics that potentially increases student outcomes.

The instrument [these indicators] in its entirety has greater predictability than part of the instrument measuring individual aspects of the instructional characteristics.

The instructor’s role is not only to design the structure of the course but connect to students and connect them to the course to enhance their learning. Moreover, the role is a complex one and the measure is of effective pedagogical practices of instructors in online courses. Thus, instructors should make an effort to show interest in student learning, maintain a productive dialogue, keep students engaged, encourage exploration of new concepts in online discussions without dominating, provide reminders and detailed feedback on assignments, and timely and effectively communicate ideas, email responses, and expectations.


Joosten, T., & Cusatis, R. (2019). A cross-institutional study of instructional characteristics and student outcomes: Are quality indicators of online courses able to predict student success? Online Learning, 23(4), 354-378. doi:10.24059/olj.v23i4.1432 [Download the article in PDF; Size 485 KB]