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H5P is an easy-to-use interactive content creation tool. H5P empowers everyone to create, share and reuse interactive content.

With H5P, you can:

  • Present text-heavy content in various interactive formats;
  • Embed formative tools directly into course content for immediate student feedback;
  • Reuse content across sections and courses;
  • Add interactive questions and comments to YouTube videos

Pedagogical Benefits

As an educational tool, H5P supports active interactive learning approach through which the student engages in exercises and typically proceeds at his or her own pace, and, via collaborative or interactive learning activity, learning experience is emergent as learners interact with with one another and with the teacher or other sources of knowledge.

Best Practices

When one H5P object is hosted on a server, the same embed code can be used in multiple places, displaying exactly the same H5P object. In other words, when the content is revised, the updated content will be displayed across multiple instances.

With that in mind, it is recommended that:

  • The H5P objects are designed and created to suit generic purposes; avoid using any reference to the specifics, such as year, term, section, etc.
  • The H5P objects should be designed to require minimal maintenance.
  • Be selective with the content. Chunk down the content into steps. Develop standalone activities and interactives that can be easily repurposed for multiple courses/sections.

License Type and Support

  • You can sign up for a free account at, create your H5P object, and send it to AcadTech. We will then provide you with the embed codes to be added to your Canvas courses. AcadTech maintains a WordPress instance on-site as a hosting server for H5P content objects.
  • Note that is related to but different from Currently Siena College does not have a site license with You can create a trial account for 30 days for free. With a site license, can be integrated with Canvas to facilitate a seamless content creation process.
  • Level of Support by AcadTech: 3/5


Here’s an example of using the Audio Recorder object:

Here’s an example of using the Drag and Drop object:

Evidence of Efficacy

Additional Resources

  • Tool website: ( offers additional services and support at a cost. You can sign up for a free trial.)
  • Tool Support Page:
  • Tool Privacy Policy:
  • Tool Accessibility Statement:
  • Accessibility by content type: