There are a variety of benefits associated with using YouTube in your class. Videos help bring your lessons to life and get your class excited about any subject.

Because all content within YouTube is searchable you can quickly find the right content for the right need. This includes EDU-only channels broken down by category and subject. A directory showcases all EDU at

YouTube Creators have access to a unique set of EDU metadata fields for their videos. These provide greater granularity around tagging educational content. Additionally, four million Creative Commons videos on YouTube are just waiting to be reused, remixed, and reimagined – more videos than anywhere else in the world. Anyone, anywhere can edit, build on and republish the library’s videos for free thanks to the Creative Commons Attribution license, otherwise known as CC BY. Learn more here:

Lastly, YouTube helps educators save time – whether it’s time to prepare, provide or even produce. With YouTube’s diverse set of editing tools, translation features and ability to add comments and annotations to your videos, you have the freedom to create and customize just the right amount and type of learning for your students’ and classrooms’ needs. Check out to learn more and review a variety of teacher-built playlists.,. (2014). Google for Education . Retrieved 22 October 2014, from

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