IMPORTANT: Update on Blackboard Decommissioning

Blackboard will be permanently shut down this summer. ITS will receive an archive of all courses on the Blackboard server directly from Blackboard. If you wish to retain your own copy of a course, you will have until mid-June 2019 to export any courses that you wish to retain.

After this date, it may take up to a month for a course archive to be retrieved.

Blackboard course archives are only accessible using another LMS such as Canvas. This means that, while you can export it, in order to view any files within the course, the export will need to be imported into Canvas. It is not recommended that you try to open it on your computer as you will run a risk of corrupting the archive if you do so.

If you would like to import course content into Canvas at this point in time in preparation for a future course, please contact Academic Technology at . We are happy to assist you with this process.

Please follow the directions found here or contact the Help Desk ( for assistance with exporting your Blackboard Course Materials.

If you (or your department) has a non-academic course in Blackboard, and you haven’t yet talked with someone from Academic Technology about other options (Google Team Drive, Canvas, etc.), please email Mary Parlett-Sweeney at